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How to Improve Acting Skills

by Yasmin Mitri

Most recently seen in a three-dimensional commercial for Mercedes and Lightworx Media, Yasmin Mitri possesses more than a decade of television and film experience. She studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and the Actors Center. Yasmin Mitri is passionate about the entertainment industry and continues to hone her skills acting in movies, including He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege and The Sweet Shop.
While earning an acting role in a film or television production sometimes comes down to luck, there are ways for actors to improve their potential for casting consideration. Taking acting classes, rather than casting director workshops, will help develop skills needed to gain attention. No matter the age of an actor, these classes offer a new perspective on how to approach a character and truly carry out what a director or casting team is searching for when filling a part.
If acting classes exceed a budget, actors can instead practice at home in front of a mirror.
Actors should analyze how the body naturally acts when feeling sad, joyous, or frustrated. They can pinpoint small expressions, movements, and traits that can then be used to elevate their acting when the camera is rolling. Attention to detail is the key to improving one’s ability to bring life to character.
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