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The Benefits of Playing Video Games

Over the course of her career as a model and actress, Yasmin Mitri
has worked with L'Equipe and Globo Brazil Productions while appearing
in films such as The Sweet Shop. In her free time, Yasmin Mitri likes to
relax by playing video games.
Video games have long been derided
as a low-brow pastime for children. In recent years, however, studies
have revealed that playing video games may provide children and older
individuals with a number of benefits. A 2014 edition of American
Psychologist indicated that these benefits can come in the areas of
education, social interaction, and even physical health.
In the past, extended time devoted to playing video games has been associated
with laziness. New research has shown that, in reality, playing video
games can improve cognitive skills such as spatial navigation, memory
and perception, and general reasoning. Some studies have looked
specifically at first-person shooter video games. Often embroiled in
debates about video game violence, these games are now known to improve a
player’s ability to perceive objects in three dimensions at the same
rate as educational classes designed to achieve the same goal.
Role playing video games (RPG), on the other hand, have been directly linked
to improved problem-solving capabilities and better grades in school.
Perhaps most interesting of all is the fact that video games have been
shown to elevate a person’s creative faculties.
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